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Commercial Insurance Coverage

Our company strives to be a total risk solutions partner.  We provide multiple products and services to solve various commercial insurance needs.

Disaster Coverage

Whether it is a natural disaster or man-made destruction, catastrophe can strike at any moment. The key to thriving in spite of disaster is having a plan.

Concerned about interruption of cash flow due to natural disaster, pandemics, and other macro events beyond our control, a business interruption plan can help you keep going in the midst of chaos.
Protect your physical assets from damages caused by fire, natural disaster, or theft.  Commercial property insurance is a core product that businesses need to have correct limits and coverages in place.
Unfortunately every company could experience the impact of a criminal event.  Whether the risk is more white collar crime or theft of assets, we can design policies that minimize the impact to y our business should this occur.
Some businesses that close due to a flood event, never reopen.  It is important to structure a policy that protects your business and not just its physical contents.

Liability Coverage

Every business carries some amount of risk. It is important for you to know the risks involved in your business and have a custom liability plan to ensure that you are protected.

We can wrap ALL of your commercial insurance policies under one umbrella, in order to give you an added layer of protection from risk. We will help you find the right policy to cover all of your business needs.

Businesses are ever more at risk of harm due to data breaches at the hands of cyber criminals.  We help your clients determine their data liability and put in policies to cover loss and procedures to prevent a loss.
Employment and labor laws have become an increasingly large area for litigation to occur against businesses.  We can help assess your risks for discrimination, retaliation, and harassment then structure a policy based on your needs.
Every company has exposure to unforeseen risk. It is important to put together an insurance package that fits your business needs.
Many companies exist to serve, consult, provide professional education, or structure solutions for their clients.  We develop policies that prevent a potential innocent error from becoming a costly impact to your business.

Personnel Coverage

People will always be your most valuable asset. We believe in helping you take care of them.

Your board members are liable for claims made against them while serving as officers.  We can help cover your consultative leadership through Directors & Officers insurance.
When an employee is injured on the job site or while performing the material duties of employment, workers’ compensation protects the business from loss.  It is important to partner with an agency and insurance company that knows how to handle these claims and prevent an injury at work from becoming a major headache and liability.

Construction Coverage

Construction can be a major risk, and major liability. We can help you create the right construction coverage plan. 

Are you working on a new building? A Builder’s Risk policy will protect the property even before it is finished being built. Insure against fire, theft, damages, and more.
Large investments in a construction project is a huge liability facing construction companies and contractors. We help you identify the best solutions and markets for your bonding needs.
Protecting your property even when it is not at the location of your business.  We help you evaluate your total risk exposures for property while it is off-site or in transit.

Industry Specific Coverage

No matter what industry you are in, we can help you with specialized coverage to meet the specific needs of your business. Below are a few of the industry specific coverages we offer.

Many business own automobiles and require employees to be on the road as part of business operations.  We can help insure this risk and develop policies and procedures to reduce your future liability.

Trucking companies have unique exposures.  The insurance market for trucking companies can be difficult for companies to navigate.  We have the markets and the experience to find the best insurance partner to manage these risks for our clients.

When your most valuable asset is grown and susceptible to the impact of weather and disease.  It is important to partner with a firm that has experience and markets to protect your agribusiness.
An essential coverage for any business that serves alcohol to its patrons.  Protect your property from damages or injuries that occur after a customer has been served alcohol.

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